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Joanne Nelson-Unczur - High School Band, Middle School Band, Middle School Chorus
Contact: JMNelson@leepublicschools.net or 413-243-2781 ext. 2426

MMEA Western District Dates 2018-19

Senior Districts (grades 9-12)
Sat. Nov. 3               Auditions: Westfield State University
Sat. Jan. 5                Rehearsal Day: UMass Amherst
Sat. Jan. 12              Rehearsal and Concert: UMass Amherst

All State: For high school students who recieve an All-State Recommendation at district auditions
Sat. Jan. 26                All-State Auditions
Feb. 28-Mar. 2           All State: Boston

Junior Districts (grades 6-9)
Sat. Dec. 1               Auditions: Westfield State University
Sat. March 9            Rehearsal Day: Belchertown High School
Sat. March 16          Rehearsal and Concert: UMass Amherst

More information at www.mmeawd.org
Instrumental music available from Gerry's Music: 1-800-724-7402 or www.gerrys-music.com