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Joanne Nelson-Unczur - High School Band, Middle School Band, Middle School Chorus
Contact: JMNelson@leepublicschools.net or 413-243-2781 ext. 2426

Lee HS Band Commissioning Project

2019 Commission:
The Lee High School Band is pleased to announce that the composer for our 2019 commissioned piece is Melanie Guerin. 

About the Lee High Band Commissioning Project:
Once every four years, the Lee High School Band commissions a composer to write a new work for our group. We rehearse their piece and give the world premiere performance at a free concert at our school. The composer visits our school to rehearse and revise the work with the students, talk with them about composing, and to attend the first performance of their work.
This project provides unique opportunities to the students, the composer, and the community. The students get to bring a new work into existence, gain a deeper understanding of how musical works are created, work directly with a composer, and play a piece that was written specifically for them. The composer will have the chance to work with a young and enthusiastic group of musicians who have never played a new work before, and to have his or her music played for a new audience. Music can only be brought to life through the combined efforts of the composer, the musicians, and the audience. The community will be part of the creative process through the energy that they bring as audience members, and they will be the first people to hear the piece.

Past Commissioned works:
2003: Michelle McQuade-Dewhirst: Underwater Fugue
2007: Michael D'Ambrosio: Peter's Cave
2011: Steven Bathory-Peeler: Locomotion
2016: Matthew Quayle: Chaconne