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Joanne Nelson-Unczur - High School Band, Middle School Band, Middle School Chorus
Contact: JMNelson@leepublicschools.net or 413-243-2781 ext. 2426

Announcements and Upcoming Events

Welcome back!

Please see the "LMHS Music Performance Dates" for the full schedule for the year.

Founders Day Parade 2017: Saturday September 16

 Middle and High School Bands
We will be looking for volunteers:
* Adults to walk with the band and carry water
* An adult with a large vehicle to drive equipment
* Banner carriers: younger siblings, non-band friends, etc. Banner carriers need to be at least school aged and able to walk the entire route. 

Please contact Joanne Nelson-Unczur at JMNelson@leepublicschools.net if you're able to help.

Lenox 250th Parade: Saturday October 7
   High School Band only
We will be looking for at least one adult to walk with the group, one adult to drive equipment, and banner carriers.